Introduction to investment Invitation of Wuhan CBD

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Introduction to investment Invitation of Wuhan CBD

Introduction to Project Investment of Wuhan CBD (Wangjiadun CBD)

I. Brief Account of Projects

As a megapolis of central China, Wuhan is a strategically important city connecting economy between the east and the west, the south and the north. It is a commercial and distribution center, important industrial base, regionally financial center as well as science and education center. To establish Wuhan CBD (Wuhan Wangjiadun CBD) is not only an important measure to carry out our country’s strategic policy “to accelerate the development of central China and promote the growth of the central China”, but also a necessary requirement as Wuhan functions strategically as the “bellwether” and “propeller” for the economical and social development of central China.

Conforming to the objective development trend, Wuhan municipal Party committee and municipal government made the timely strategic decision to establish CBD. In January 2003, in the government work report at the first meeting of Wuhan 11th people’s congress, Mayor Li Xiansheng suggested that “Wangjiadun CBD” be established at the former Wangjiadun airport. From that time onwards, the construction of Wuhan CBD started.

Wuhan CBD is constructed according to the guiding thought “high starting point, high standard, high efficiency, high grade” proposed by the municipal Party committee and municipal government. World-famous McKinsey and Pricewaterhouse Coopers had been successively engaged to conduct the strategic planning and financial feasibility study. China Academy of Urban Planning and Design, Britain Atkins, America EDAW had been engaged to conduct the planning and study on the three subjects about comprehensive function, transportation and landscape. Internationally well-known America SOM Design Office, Germany Obermeyer Design and Consulting Company, Australia DESIGNINC and ANS, Britain Atkins Consulting Co., Ltd and China Academy of Urban Planning and Design were engaged to collect the planning schemes for Wangjiadun CBD. Jones Lang LaSalle was engaged to write Developing Strategies and Project Proposal for the Booster Sector of Wuhan CBD. Ultimately, Wuhan Urban Planning & Design Research Institute completed the Comprehensive Planning Scheme for Wangjiadun District and Wangjiadun CBD, which had been examined and approved by the municipal Party committee and municipal government. According to the construction plan for Wuhan CBD, the control detailed planning will be completed by March 2005. And the construction will start formerly towards the end of 2005.

II. Function

Wuhan CBD is a modern service center “basing itself upon the central China, facing the world, serving the whole country” with such industries forming its main body as finance, insurance, trade, information and consultation etc. A modern, ecological, digital and 24-hour comprehensive urban center with high-efficient transportation will be formed which takes investment companies and group headquarters such as banking, insurance, security etc. forming its main body while intermediary and service industries such as law, accounting, information, consultation and planning, advertisement take second place. Besides, the center gathers exhibitions, retail, hotels and accommodation etc.

III. Scale and Investment

(I) Scale of construction

CBD covers an area of 2.67 sq kilometers, of which the core zone covers an area of 1.0 sq kilometers. The construction scale is about 4,000,000 sq meters. It is predicted that the number of population working and living in CBD will reach 150,000 to 200,000 by 2019.

(II) Investment and prediction of profits

Investment for the construction of basic facilities and traffic expense is about 4 to 5 billion yuan. It is planned that the development and construction of the projects will attract total investment 100 billion yuan. According to some authoritative organs such as McKinsey and Jones Lang LaSalle, developers will get higher return from Wuhan CBD projects than ordinary ones.

IV. General Planning

(I) Geographic location

Wuhan CBD is located at the former Wangjiadun airport, the urban center of Hankou. The planning area is 7.41sq kilometers extending to the west of Qingnian Road and Changqing Road, north of Jianshe Avenue, east of Hanxi Road and south of Fazhan Avenue.

(III) Construction layout

1. One center: the central business district covering an area of 1.0 sq kilometers, business core zone, three comprehensive business groups, hotel service zone and the feature commercial street.

2. Two axes: the traffic “gold cross” and commercial “gold cross” reflecting the prosperity and high-efficiency of the modern business district.

3. Four functional sub-areas: central business district, conference service zone, comprehensive commercial zone, SOHO apartments and residential community.

(I) Operation mode

Wuhan CBD takes the lead in China in adopting the market-oriented operation mode. The municipal government set up an especial leading group for the construction of Wuhan Wangjiadun CBD. Meanwhile, according to international convention, Wuhan Wangjiadun CBD Construction & Investment Co., Ltd was established, serving as the main operation body for the projects. The company firstly takes an entirely new “enterprise operation with the help of government service” development mode in China.

(III) Main operation body

As the main construction body for CBD, Wuhan Wangjiadun CBD Construction & Investment Co., Ltd was originated and formed by such five large-scale group enterprises as China Pan-sea Holdings Co., Ltd, Wuhan Hankou Airport Transfer and Development Co., Ltd, Guangcai Construction Co., Ltd, Beijing Zhongguancun Development & Construction Co. Ltd, Beijing Stone Juguang High-tech Development (Holdings) Co., Ltd. The company was registered and established at Wuhan Administration of Industry and Commerce on February 8, 2002, the business scope of which includes land development of Wuhan CBD projects, investment, construction and development of basic facilities, investment, planning, development and operation of CBD projects.

VIII. Development and Construction Office, Wuhan Wangjiadun CBD

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Wuhan Wangjiadun CBD Construction & Investment Co., Ltd

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