Hot Braised Noodles of Cailinji’s Style

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Hot Braised Noodles of Cailinji’s Style

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The five most famous noodles in China are Wuhan hot braised noodles, Shanxi knife-shaved noodles, E-Fu noodles in Guangdong and Guangxi, Sichuan noodles with pepper sauce and noodles with mixed dressings on top in north areas. Unlike cool braised noodles and noodles in soup, hot braised noodles are cooked as follows: After it is basically done, take them out to remove the oil. Before eating, it should be put into boiled water for seconds, then taken out and seasoned with sesame paste, shrimps, minced scallions, diced pickled radish, sesame oil and vinegar. It tastes delicious and smells good.

The history of hot braised noodles can be traced back to the beginning of 1930’s. There was a vendor called Li Bao selling noodles in soup in Changti Street in Hankou. One day, he took out the unsold noodles and dried them on the table, but suddenly he knocked down the oil bottle, unexpectedly the oil was mixed with the noodles. The next day he put the noodles in the boiled water for seconds, then mixed with it some seasonings. It was a big surprise that the noodles smelled delicious and drew people’s attention quickly. They fell over each other in their eagerness to buy it. When somebody asked him what the name of the noodles is, he spoke without any consideration “hot braised noodles”. From then on, Li Bao began to sell hot braised noodles because he knew people liked the noodles. Even some other vendors learned from his skill to follow him. At present, there are numerous hot braised noodles restaurants and stalls among streets and valleys, which become the favorite breakfast for Wuhan citizen. Hot braised noodles of Cailinji’s style are the most distinctive and well-known in Wuhan.

Cailinji hot braised noodles restaurant used to be located in No. 854, Zhongshan Avenue in Hankou, facing the famous water tower. Now there are many chain restaurants in Hankou, Hanyang and Wuchang.