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Hubei food and beverage industry is characterized by the combination of all taste in China.There are a lot of local tastes in Hubei province some of which can only be found in Wuhan, capital city of Hubei.

Four Season Delicious Soup Steamed Stuffed Bun.jpg

Four Season Delicious Soup Steamed Stuffed Bun

Four Season Delicious Soup Steamed Stuffed Bun is also called “King of Delicious Soup Steamed Stuffed Bun”, located on Zhongshan Road ,near Jianghan Road. It was only a small restaurant when opening business in 1927 , Its name implies "King of Delicious Soup Steamed Stuffed Bun' can be supplied during every season. For example .there are Deep Fried Spring Roll in Spring, Cold Drinks in Summer , Stirring fried Hairy Crab in Autumn, Crisp Pancake in Winter. Delicious Soup Steamed Stuffed Bun made by special-level cooker Zhongshenchu and so on ,has been popular for many years.

According to Wuhan local people’s taste, they carefully choose raw materials, improve production technology, gradually form a unique 'Small Cage Soup Steamed Stuffed Bun'. Seven layers of skins are stuck into one skin with thin on edge and thick in center and stuffing are wrapped in the skin. About 20 flower patterns were pinched when being enrolled, The enrolling mouth is like crucian carp, with a little meat stuffing outside the bun Soup Steamed Stuffed Bun is like a lantern after being steamed, with ball-like stuffing floating on the soup, If you blow a mouthful of gas, the stuffing ball will wheel in the bun, It is usually seasoned by ginger silk when serving. You may bite skin first, then drink soup and eat stuffing, taste it slowly when serving, you will enjoy thin skin ,tender stuffing. fresh soup, delicious flavor of Steamed Stuffed Bun.

Tongchen Skin of Soya-Bean Milk.jpg

Tongchen Skin of Soya-Bean Milk

Old Tongchen is a name of a restaurant, is well-known for its Three Fresh Skin of Soya-Bean Milk , which is a traditional folk snack of Hubei. On festival, people often mix and grind green beans and rice to make into skin, wrap it with polished glutinous rice and meat as center , then fry it with oil ,So a kind of festival food is finished . The cookers in Old Tongchen Restaurant process it with extra care on the basis of folk making technology ,make it more tasteful. The special-class chef Gaojin'an , titled with "King of Skin of Soya-Bean Milk', originally create “Three Fresh Skin of Soya-Bean Milk” with thin skin and colorful color, It is loose and delicate, greasy but not sick. with stuffing fresh and fragrant , is welcomed by guests

Three Fresh Skin of Soya-Bean Milk is named because of fresh meat, fresh mushrooms, fresh bamboo Shoots in stuffing, which is often dotted with pig heart, pig stomach, Yulan Slice, fork-braised meat . Stuffing-making is very particular, Frying is with great care , After being fried ,It is greasy and glistening--with yellow color and fragrant flavor, seasoned by chicken soup cooked in a earth pot, appreciated by many people.

In 1958, Chairman Mao Zedong visited Tongcheng twice and gave high praise of it.

Hot Dry Noodles.jpg

Hot Dry Noodles

Hot Dry Noodles is a traditional snack in Wuhan with a long history of 50 years. It was said that in early 1930s,there was a person named Libao in Hankou District of Wuhan, who sold Cool Power Noodles and Noodles in Soup. One day , it was hot and there was a lot of noodles left, he was afraid the noodles became mold and turned worse. So he boiled noodles left, took it out , dried it on the chopping board, But he splashed sesame oil over noodles because of carelessness. A good idea came to his mind that Libao mixed and stirred noodles with sesame oil, then cooled it.

Wuchang Fish.jpg

Wuchang Fish

Wuchang Fish, known as "Tuantoufang' ,is a kind of Bian Flat Fish, originally produced in Liangzhi Lake of Ezhou City, has been transplanted and fed around China, With delicate meat and plenty of fat, it can be cooked into many kinds of courses by different ways Of which steam in clear soup has the best flavor. Usually, a fish of 1 kilogram or so is chosen for steam in clear soup, seasoned by ham sausage, winter mushroom, winter bamboo shoots and chicken soup, etc. After being steamed ,colorful sprout silks such as red , yellow and green, are embellished on fish, It looks as if fish is colorful. If taste it, you will feel delicate, delicious, fresh and fragrant. Wuchangjulou Restaurant is famous for being good at cooking Wuchang Fish and very particular about color,scent, flavor ,shape and holders of dishes.

If you have chance to travel in Hubei, you will surely enjoy Hubei food.