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Doupi (three delicacy stuffed skin of bean milk) in Laotongcheng


Located at the entrance of Dazhi Road on Zhongshan Avenue in Hankou, Laotongcheng, a big restaurant, is well-known for doupi, thus enjoying a title of King of doupi, which has ever won the highest award “Jingding Award” in Chinese food industry. Laotongcheng boasts its long history and numerous celebrities. Early in 1958, Chairman Mao said, “Doupi with a typical flavor of local taste is worthy to come down and you provide Hubei citizens with so delicious food that we all feel grateful to you”, after he enjoyed doupi in Laotongcheng. And successive visitors include Liu Shaoqi, Zhou Enlai, Zhu De, Dong Biwu, Li Xiannian, Korean President Kim II -sung and Sihanouk, etc.

Built in 1929, the restaurant used to be situated outside the Dazhi gate of the Hankou castle as an access from the country to the city, so its former name is “a restaurant access to the city”. After 1945, it opened its business again and was called “Laotongcheng restaurant for sweet food”. The restaurant reforms its own doupi based on the experience of cooking traditional doupi in Hubei folk and then serves the distinctive breakfast together with some sweet food to people, which wins a big success. To cook doupi, the needed ingredients must be mung beans without chaff, rice made of refined rice slurry, fresh meat, fresh dried mushroom, and fresh bamboo shoots. Cooked doupi should be square, thin, golden and delicious. No wonder people think Laotongcheng is in a new development as a result of reforming and opening-up. In 1993, Laotongcheng Co., Ltd was established as the first corporate company in Hubei food industry. Its branch companies are scattered in many other cities such as Nanchang, Shenhzen, Zhanjiang, Jingzhou, E’zhou and Tianmen, etc. It is also well-known in “Fuzi Temple” in Nanjing and “Jiufangyuan” in Beijing. Due to the exhibition in America in 1989, American newspaper “National Inquirer” and ABC devoted many pages and prime time to Wuhan doupi and Hubei cuisine.