Dongpo Pork

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Dongpo Pork (Su Dongpo’s Braised Pork)

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Yunhe Restaurant, located at the middle part of Jiefang Avenue, is famous for a delicacy named Dongpo pork cooked with winter bamboo shoots, spinach and streaky pork, which is also how its name comes. Because of its tasty flavor and delicious smell, it is quite popular with people. Having its origin in Huangzhou, Hubei, it has something to do with Su Shi who was banished there in 1080. During that time, he farmed in a place named dongpo, thus he gave himself a title of Dongpo Buddhist. The meat in Huangzhou then, though incredibly cheap, was not tasty if terribly cooked. Su Shi thrashed out a method to cook streaky pork through trials so that the braised meat was not only tasty but also sparkling. It is said that he wrote a song about braising pork: the pork in Huangzhou, though very nice, is terribly cheap. The rich would not like to eat; the poor would not like to cook. However, it will have its own flavor if cooked with exact temperature and little water. One family can fill their stomach comfortably with it in the morning after getting up. Although there are different editions about this literary quotation, generally they are similar. Afterwards people dubbed this kind of meat as Dongpo pork

Strange enough, there are different flavors of Dongpo pork in Sichuan and Zhejiang where Shu Shi ever lived. More interestingly, the convention that the bridegroom and bride eat Dongpo pork together in the wedding ceremony prevails in certain ethnic groups in Dali,Yunlan.